Monday, 30 January 2012

The Circassian Poet Edward Levedev

Edward Levedev is an accomplished Circassian poet from Panama. I obtained his permission to publish this beautiful poem. More poems shall be included upon permission. The work of Levedev merits international recognition.

A Circassian Toast 
Before I step into darkness and disappear in Never,
I want to kiss the feet of my kids for ever and ever.

Let their ways be exciting and bright,
Let their maps guide them right,
let them bathe in fresh air,
Let their lots be easy to bear,
Let them have many useful meetings,
And receive many greetings,
Let them enjoy their daily meals,
Let them always have a change for wheels,
Let their sleep be sweet and profound
And their awakenings with a friend around,
Let them see how a baby arrives,
Let them live unforgettable lives.

When I step into darkness on the Endless Street
I want to be dust on my children's feet.

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